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QBB cheese is produced by Rokko Butter Co., Ltd, a long-standing brand established in 1948 in Kobe, Japan. The name QBB carries a very special meaning that the brand wants to convey to customers: “Quality Best & Beautiful – The pinnacle of quality, perfect taste.”

QBB cheese not only brings delicious and exquisite flavors but also freshness, richness, and perfection when enjoyed in every bite. The product is crafted from premium fresh milk combined with finely ground quality nuts and fruits from Japan to ensure the supply of natural nutrients and complete nutrition for the health of the consumer.

Variety of QBB Cheese


With a variety of flavors ranging from savory cheese to fruity dessert cheese, QBB cheese is loved by all families, especially children. Importantly, the product does not use artificial colors or preservatives, ensuring it provides all the essential nutrients for the body.


All QBB cheese products are certified with ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 for food safety, ensuring they are life-friendly and safe for consumer health.

Eco Fruits is the direct importer and distributor of QBB cheese products to Vietnamese consumers, guaranteeing that every family can use high-quality, reputable products with clear origins.



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