On June 15, 2023, Eco Fruits had the honor of co-organizing the “Program to Donate Bicycles, Scholarships, and Gifts to Children Overcoming Difficulties in Learning” with the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund and the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs of Hai Duong Province at the Thanh Ha District Cultural Center, Hai Duong Province.

The program was implemented with the hope of bringing encouragement, inspiration, and joy to the children, encapsulating the love of the entire community. Additionally, it aimed to motivate and inspire the children to strive for learning, overcome challenges, and develop themselves to succeed in life.

The program was attended by Comrade Vo Thi Anh Xuan – Member of the Central Committee of the Party; Vice President; Chairwoman of the Council of the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund; Comrade Nguyen Thi Ha – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; and Comrade Dinh Tien Hai – Director of the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund.

From Hai Duong Province, there were Comrade Tran Duc Thang – Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Comrade Trieu The Hung – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; Ms. Vu Nga – Director of Eco Fruits Import-Export Company, along with representatives from relevant departments, sponsors, and 150 children in difficult circumstances from Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong.

To respond to the Action Month for Children, the Council of Sponsors and the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund mobilized sponsors to contribute money and gifts for children in difficult circumstances in Hai Duong province, with a total budget exceeding 1.3 billion VND (from Hien Le Trading and Service Company Limited, Bao Viet Life Insurance Corporation, Eco Fruits Import-Export Company Limited).

At the event, the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund and sponsors presented 50 bicycles from the “Dream-carrying Bicycle Fund” of Bao Viet Life Insurance, 100 scholarships (each worth 1 million VND), and 150 gifts (valued at 500 thousand VND each), with a total budget of over 300 million VND for 150 children facing difficulties, striving to overcome challenges in their studies. The remaining funds will be coordinated by the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund and the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs to provide support for children with special circumstances and difficulties in Hai Duong province in 2023.

The program also presented meaningful gifts from two children, Le Nam Khanh – 15 years old and Le Bao Nguyen – 12 years old in Hanoi, with a savings of 100 million VND intended to be given to their less fortunate peers in Thanh Ha district. 

This is not just an activity; it is a journey to share love from the community to these young ones. The joy and happiness of these children are precious motivations for the program to continue expanding and spreading further.

Eco Fruits, along with the Children’s Sponsorship Fund of Vietnam, has been and continues to implement practical activities to support children with special and difficult circumstances, with a total budget of over 20 billion VND across various regions. Let’s join hands to bring a better life to the future generations of our country.



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