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Enjoy Choya apricot wine in different ways

Choya apricot wine is not just a typical Japanese liquor; it’s also a unique experience with a sweet and impressive flavor. Let’s explore various ways to enjoy Choya apricot wine, from direct tasting to creative mixed drinks. How to enjoy Choya apricot wine With numerous nutrients from green apricots, Choya

Recipes for preparing delicious dishes from olives

Olive, the sweet fruit of the Mediterranean, is not only a nutritious food but also a versatile ingredient for many delicious dishes. Let’s explore unique and interesting recipes to turn olives into appetizing and flavorful meals. Bruschetta Olive and Tomato Ingredient: 1 loaf of Italian bread, cut into slices about

Supplement Omega-3 daily to enhance health of family

Omega-3 is always an essential nutrient that needs to be supplemented for the body to ensure health. Currently, there are many omega-3 functional food supplements on the market, but did you know that we can directly intake omega-3 from natural food sources in our daily meals. Let’s join Eco Fruits

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In the Mid-Autumn Festival, joy and happiness are spreading across villages. Eco Fruits has joined hands with the Vietnam Children’s Sponsorship Fund in collaboration with the Female Delegation of the 15th National Assembly, the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, and the Youth Union of Yen Bai Province to

Omega 3 – Natural nutrients for health

Omega-3 is known to be one of the nutritious and essential types of food for everyone, providing a wealth of nutrients that contribute to overall health. Supplementing Omega-3 in the body is crucial and ensures a healthy body.   What is Omega 3? Omega-3 is a type of essential fatty

Delicious dishes from QBB cheese

QBB cheese from Japan is renowned and beloved by people of all ages, especially homemakers and children, for its diverse and distinctive aromatic flavor. In addition to being enjoyed on its own, QBB cheese can be used to create enticing dishes in various ways.   Let’s explore new recipes with

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